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part-time carnivores
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9,365 meat-free days

Total Savings

98,020 m2 land
5,445,180 litres water
74,920 kg CO2

Next Week

1,885 m2 land
104,715 litres water
520 kg CO2

Are you a part-time carnivore?

You are a part-time carnivore if you have at least one day each week without meat, poultry or fish.

When you sign up as a part-time carnivore, you join with thousands of people to create fairer, healthier and more sustainable communities.

There are now 2898 part-time carnivores in 37 teams worldwide.

So far, we have had 1.2 million meat-free days, saving
12 km2 land,
679 million litres of water and
9958 tonnes of CO2.

In just the next week, we will save another 0.31 km2 land, 17 million litres of water and 86 tonnes of CO2!